David Gold

6/19/1980 – 12/21/2011

Guitarist, Vocalist, Drummer, Songwriter ( Woods of Ypres )

Woods of Ypres was a saving grace for Kip Gleam. Through his music, David not only gets others through difficult times but makes them stronger.

Bill Kelliher

Born 3/23/1971

Guitarist, Vocalist, Songwriter ( Mastodon )

Kip had a man-to-man with Bill and values that conversation more than any in his life. Bill gave invaluable advice that has paid dividends.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

1/15/1929 – 4/4/1968

Civil Rights Activist, Author

Dr. King was the man for the job when the world needed him. He worked hard to hone his craft and create change. He also displayed great bravery and humility.

Benjamin Franklin

12/6/1706 - 4/17/1790

Polymath, Author, Inventor

Many of the inventions and discoveries of Benjamin Franklin are still in use today. Everywhere he went saw improvement.

Robert Greene

Born 5/14/1959


They call him "The Modern Machiavelli" for a reason. Robert Greene has the ability to put the finer points of the human experience into an extremely gripping style of writing.

Charlie Kaufman

Born 11/19/1958

Director, Author, Producer

Kaufman is a master of putting the abstract into consumable media. Anything he sets out to show, he succeeds.

Bo Burnham

Born 8/21/1990

Comedian, Musician

Bo Burnham is wise beyond his years. The amount of self-awareness and control of subtext in his work is incredible.

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